The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.
The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated
technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.



Toronto, Ontario - DEXAGON is currently developing a number of web-based custom applications. We are looking for at least 2 programmers with experience in developing web-based applications. You must have some familiarity with PERL and MySQL databases, and have a proven track record in developing large projects. This is a TORONTO-based opportunity.

Download the job specifications here.     |     416-932-3314

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DEXDATA is a massive DATABASE HOSTING SERVICE. We host your extremely large and/or real-time databases with our fast servers. Our servers provide massive database instances for many different kinds of databases and structured information. Our servers are constantly being mirrored to protect your data, and monitored constantly to ensure the highest possible uptime. We host many real-time and GPS-based datasets. now offers CLOUD STORAGE SERVICES, allowing you to store your data, documents, and private information online, in a safe, secure facility, with the ability to access this information from ANYWHERE in the world. All services are accessible from the web (ie. any computer), as well as from Mobile devices (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and more). specializes in designing and implementing Building Control Systems ("BCS"), and Facility Management Systems ("FMS"), including initial communication network design based on owner and tenant requirements, siteworks conduit planning for multi-building campus environments, legacy integration to existing systems, cross-platform communications, liaison services between owners and engineers, and centralized monitoring and management from on-site or remote locations. is our web programming and database division. Dynamic websites that require database access often involve complex programming, and database access. Our professionals specialize in creating data-driven websites, and complete web-based applications.

2012-08-20  DEXAGON is hiring. Click here for details.
2012-07-31  New web-based software project: Compounding Pharmacy
2012-06-01  New community center opens; all Smart Building systems designed by DEXAGON.
2012-04-07  New web-based software project: GPS/Inventory Operations System
2012-02-02  DEXAGON lands another Smart Building: Reena Residence

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