LiteCAD Features

  • FREE. No charge. No Registration. No email required. DOWNLOAD NOW!
  • PORTABLE. Can be directly from a USB drive on any Windows system!
  • COMPATIBLE. Read/write: AutoCAD DWG/DXF, ArcView SHP, and more
  • FAST. Written completely from scratch and fully optimized for speed
  • EASY TO USE. Common controls are on the screen, easily accessible with mouse
  • COMMAND MODE. Like expensive CAD programs, offers EXACT placement of objects
  • CAD TOOLS. Includes lineweights, hatching, scale, move, and rotate
  • CUSTOMIZABLE. Unlimited layers, line styles, line weights, text styles, point styles
  • LAYERING. Industry-standard tools: visible, locked, printable, etc.
  • PRINT OPTIONS. Sizing, scaling, force colors to black, ...
  • CALCULATION TOOLS. Can automatically calculate distances and areas
  • MERGE DRAWINGS. Merge drawings, or import layers from previous versions
  • SMART SCALING. Optimizes screen view by using declutter techniques
  • CONSTANT IMPROVEMENTS. New versions continue to improve the application
  • VIEW PROPERTIES. Direct edit of view properties in on-screen tabular format
  • LAYER PROPERTIES. Direct edit of layer properties in on-screen tabular format
  • OBJECT PROPERTIES. Direct edit of object properties in on-screen tabular format
  • MODEL & LAYOUT SPACES. Unlimited LAYOUT spaces, all distinct from each other

LiteCAD is simply the best FREE tool for CAD!

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