The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.
The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated
technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.



Recent Project: Lifestyle Mall

DEXAGON is currently working on a mall that is transitioning from a "single building" mall to a "multiple building" mall, allowing each of the retailers to have their own building, and their own parking. This echoes a shopping trend where shoppers no longer want to "shop the entire mall", but rather, they wish to park near their destination store, get in and get out, and leave the mall.

This work at this property involves the creation of a management network that will use conduit and fiber-optic cabling in the parking lot to provide centralized building management and surveillance services to a central administration office.

 Surveillance Cameras    The surveillance system provides "eyes" for the entire property. For this client, the surveillance network is the most important reason for the management network. All other services that will be carried on this network will be driven by the remaining bandwidth once the surveillance requirements are met.

 Fire/Emergency Systems Monitoring    The fire/emergency systems will be tied into the central management system, allowing the property management team, whether they are onsite or offsite, to be alerted in case of any unusual event, in any of the buildings.

 HVAC System    The HVAC System, which controls the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning for the buildings, can be programmed to provide maximum efficiency during operating and non-oprating hours. Furthermore, remote management and control of the HVAC systems allows the building property manager to reprogram the system for certain override conditions. Property managers no longer need to wear "tool belts" with large wrenches. Instead, entire groups of buildings can be managed from a computer or laptop, including adjustments of valves, optimization of boilers and chillers, and entire air handling systems.

 Other Services    Other Services can also be offered on this "management network", such as data and/or Internet services, background music, advertising and PA services, central clocking services, email, video, and many more!

DEXAGON can do this for your building(s) too! Just call us for details.

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