The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.
The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated
technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.



Recent Project: Private High School (Toronto)

DEXAGON recently completed a BCS ("Building Control System") implementation for a private high school just north of Toronto. This building can be completely managed remotely, using the systems outlined below.

 HVAC System    The HVAC system in the building is based on water boilers and chillers which circulate water to the air handling units throughout the building. Supporting these large pieces of equipment are thermostats throughout the building, valves, damper units, cooling towers, and other assorted pieces of equipment. All of these components are tied together with a Johnson Controls "Metasys" controller, coupled to a Tekworx air handling computer. All of these pieces are accessible through the Internet, with appropriate authentication and remote software.

 Security & Access Control    The Security System in the building is based Andover Controls "Integral Continuum" software. This software has the ability to monitor all security devices throughout the building, including cameras, door contacts, card readers, parking equipment, and many other components. The remote accessiblity allows the cameras to be monitored from offsite, alerts to be sent via email, and remote logins to complete control all aspects of the security system. In addition to the security controls, the building's fire panel is tied into the system so that alerts can be delivered to the system, recorded, and transmitted to the local security personnel as well as being sent off-site for emergency response.

 Telephone System    The Telephone System is an Avaya PBX with state-of-the-art features. In addition to the normal ability to phone into this system and control it via a regular phone call, there are two externally accessible control connections: a modem line directly into the processor core, and an Ethernet connection for managing the system via a web browser.

 School Intercom/PA/Bell System    The school PA/Bell system is a Rauland-Borg Telecenter system which uses VoIP to provide voice to the classrooms and main offices. It is also wired into the hallway and classroom speakers to provide end-of-class bells and announcecments from the office. This system is also connected to the telephone system so anyone in the school administration office can call directly to any classroom or make any announcement directly from their desk phone. Additionally, teachers in the classrooms can call anyone in the office using the bridge between the systems in the reverse direction.

 Consistent Time    All of the systems described above (as well as the local computer systems and other building-related devices) are time-synchronized to, so that all logs and communication between the systems reflect similar times. This allows seemingly unrelated events to be correlated in time, and possibly tied together for diagnosis. Recorded video can be synchronized to card access readers, fire alarms, telephone events, etc.

DEXAGON can do this for your building(s) too! Just call us for details.

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