The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.
The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated
technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.



Software Tools

DEXAGON uses mostly FREE & PORTABLE tools to accomplish the same high-quality work that would otherwise require expen$ive software. Although FREE is not the same as OPEN SOURCE, there are some basic similarities.


FREE: These software tools are completely free. You can download them and use them on as many computers as you want. There is no cost. That, in itself, is appealing. Another advantage to FREE software is that everyone who needs to read the files that are created with these tools can do so with minimal overhead in time, and no overhead in cost. Are they as good as the more expensive version? In our opinion, the answer is YES in most cases. Every piece of software has its own distinct good points and bad points. If they don't work exactly as you'd like them too, you can always move to the expensive ones.

OPEN SOURCE: This phrase indicates that the source code for the software is available to the general public, and, in some cases, can even be modified or customized to suit a particular need. Open Source projects provide a high degree of transparency because anyone can view the programming instructions. This allows other programmers to contribute to the greater good of the software, making the software better and better over time. For example, a database expert might be able to improve the speed of database access function within the software, allowing the program to run faster with identical functionality. Open Source software is generally FREE, but this is not always the case.

PORTABLE: "Portable" refers to a class of software that can be run from a portable device, such as a USB key. This provides an excellent mechanism of "taking your work with you", and being able to work at any computer that provides USB support. You can also use the portable software to show clients EXACTLY what you are doing, and/or run presentations with the real application, not a PDF or PowerPoint summary of the work. There are portable versions of many different types of software, and there are portable versions for almost every type of operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). DEXAGON uses mostly Windows-compatible software, but we also use some Mac software as well. Generally, portable software follows a few general guidelines:
•  Designed to run off portable media (eg. a USB device)
•  Requires no "installation" into the registry (typically just an unzip!)
•  Leaves no "footprints" or temporary files on the host computer

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