The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.
The DEXAGON GROUP provides a wide range of sophisticated
technology services for small, medium, and large organizations.



Jun 06 2015 - DEXAGON is hiring AGAIN! Click here for details.
Here we grow again. We are looking for a Junior Programmer and Software Tester (1 contract position covering both tasks). Click HERE for details.

Oct 22 2014 - Dexagon signs exclusive NDA and software development contract with, a start-up technology company that installs mobile fax/printer systems in trucks so the logistics documents can be transmitted while the vehicle is moving, which reduces the time spent in a truck stop waiting to fax the documents. Additionally, service personnel can have their next service call details printed in their vehicle, reducing the time to get to the call and enabling the transmission of the service call details back to the head office. Dexagon will be providing GPS tracking services for all vehicles equipped with ScanIQ equipment, including a "master map" for the dispatcher to help finding the nearest service vehicles.

May 26 2014 - Dexagon hires Nabil, who brings a good basic skillset, and is eager to work in the software industry. His primary role involves coding for the pharmacy project.

Feb 11 2013 - Dexagon hires Michael. Michael has been in the technology industry for a number of years. His primary role involves coding for the pharmacy project.

Jul 31 2012 - Dexagon is hired to write business software for a Florida-based compounding pharmacy. This project involves analysis of their current business and pharmacy processes, and consulting on business optimization, which will result in a streamlines transition to custom software. The current software environment involves a large number of pharmacy-related software as well as some business ("accounting") software, and courier/logistics software. The goal of this project is to amalgamate all of these components into a single cohesive custom-designed system.

Apr 07 2012 - Toronto, CANADA. DEXAGON agrees to provide customer-written web-based software for a "GPS/Inventory Operations System" for a reseller of GPS equipment. This project involves tracking of the GPS equipment that is installed in customer equipment ("trucks"), and to provide inventory functions for the unsold and to-be-repaired equipment in the client warehouse. As a small offshoot of the inventory functions, some of the trucks are sending their GPS data to a central location, which is being used to generate "Engine Hours" reports for all trucks, and notifications of upcoming service required for those trucks based on hours of service.

Feb 2012 - Vaughan, CANADA. DEXAGON has been retained to create an RFP for the telephone system at a new private community housing project. This project includes requirements analysis, creating the RFP document, assistance in interpreting the bids and selecting a winning bid, and finally, supervision during the installation and configuration of the new telephone system.

Feb 2012 - Vaughan, CANADA. DEXAGON is just completing the technology fit-outs for a new community center building online in Vaughan, Ontario. The Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Community Center is scheduled to be open to the public in June 2012. This facility has two indoor and one outdoor pool, fitness and cardio areas, dance studios, arts & crafts room, a day care center, and a number of commercial tenants. DEXAGON did all of the technology consulting in this building, including: remote interface into the Building Automation System ("BAS"), security system, parking gates, kitchen exhaust hood, pool controllers, and audio-video equipment.

Jul 2010 - Toronto, CANADA.   Dexagon assisted with all of the system integration and technology systems installation at a construction site where two new floors and a new standalone building were added to an existing office building. All of the new systems in these new areas were integrated by DEXAGON into the main network within the building. All of the new systems are able to run autonomously, and all of them are also able to be controlled from remote computers. Audio-Video systems in the conference areas, the Building Automation System ("BAS"), security systems, and other technlogy systems are all connected to the main building network.

Dec 15 2009 - Toronto, CANADA. Dexagon absorbs a small web development company, called "", which was also based in Toronto. All clients and projects have been taken over by Dexagon. The new entity will retain the Dexagon name and branding, and all staff of will become members of the Dexagon team. The web-site development components created by will become the property of, including the flagship product "SiteHandler".

Sep 2007 - Vaughan, CANADA. Another Smart Building designed by DEXAGON came online this month. This new private Hebrew School school, "CHAT", has a tightly integrated building control system that includes the security features (surveillance, access control), the HVAC systems, master timeclocks, and public address system. All systems are reachable remotely.  More... 

Nov 2006 - Brampton, CANADA. DEXAGON and Schedule Masters, Inc., a provider of transit system software including run-cutting and rostering, have formed a strategic alliance to provide web-based transit and routing services for transit properties that use The Master Scheduler.  More... 

May 2006 - Toronto, CANADA. DEXAGON and have now teamed up to create, a drop-in web component that allows existing websites with a database of locations to display the closest locations to the user's geographical request (zipcode, intersection, street address, etc).  More... 

Jul 2005 - Toronto, CANADA. DEXAGON and Beacontree Technologies, an RFID Solutions company, have agreed to work co-operatively to provide RFID Middleware, which allows RFID solutions to be integrated into existing or new inventory and tracking operations.  More... 

Jan 2005 - Toronto, CANADA. DEXAGON and Meds Via Canada, a cross-border pharmacy, have agreed to use DEXAGON exclusively to provide prescription tracking software that tracks all prescription orders through the system, as well as the main database-driven website.  More... 

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